SNF supports Depression-Study

Project Title

‘Physical Activity Counselling in Patients with Major Depressive Disorders’

Project Partners

  • Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF)
  • DSGB der Universtität Basel
  • Psychiatrische Dienste Solothurn
  • Privatklinik Wyss AG, Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie und Psychosomatik
  • Klinik Sonnenhalde AG – Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie
  • Universitäre Psyhiatrische Kliniken Basel
  • Youdowell AG (Coaching Software Provider)


The PACINPAT (Physical Activity Counseling in Patients with Major Depressive Disorders) research project examines how two types of exercise coaching affect people’s physical activity and health in physically inactive patients with inpatient mental health due to depressive disorders.


Depression is a widespread and debilitating condition. Physical activity has proven to be a viable supplement to pharmacological and psychotherapy. However, people who suffer from depression are particularly susceptible to physical inactivity due to physical comorbidity and motivation deficits. Exercise Coaching has the potential to increase the physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness of sufferers, addressing not only mental but also physical issues.


In dieser Studie vergleichen wir zwei Formen des Bewegungscoachings. Probanden werden dabei während persönlichen Kontakten mit einem ausgebildeten Bewegungscoach unterstützt, sich mit körperlicher Aktivität auseinandersetzen. Die Betreuung basiert auf regelmässigen Telefonaten und einer integrativen Coaching App. Das Ziel ist es, die körperliche Aktivität zu steigern und zu ermitteln, ob zukünftig Bewegungscoaching systematisch in psychiatrischen Kliniken eingesetzt werden soll.

In this study we compare two forms of physical activity coaching. Subjects are supported during personal contacts with a certified movement coach, deal with physical activity. The support is based on regular telephone calls and an integrative coaching app. The goal is to increase physical activity and to determine whether future movement coaching should be systematically used in psychiatric clinics.


The impact of lifestyle Physical Activity Counselling in IN-PATients with major depressive disorders on physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness, depression, and cardiovascular health risk markers: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Effects of stress and mental toughness on burnout and depressive symptoms: A prospective study with young elite athletes.

Is improved fitness following a 12-week exercise program associated with decreased symptom severity, better wellbeing, and fewer sleep complaints in patients with major depressive disorders? A secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial.