Youdowell AG delivers software applications designed to drive healthy behaviour change.

Our solutions motivate and engage people in a personalized health experience across the full spectrum of care, from lifestyle balance optimization and prevention to chronic condition management.

We deliver a holistic, individualized health experience powered by self-tracking technology, digital interventions and human health coaching.

Our online health coaching platform helps individual coaches, coaching teams and co-operations empowering individuals to improve their overall health and lifestyle quality.

Prof. Dr. phil. Lukas Zahner

Sports and Training Science

Prof.Dr. A. Schmidt-Trucksäss

Sports Medicine Science

Prof.Dr. Uwe Pühse

Sports Pedagogics & Social Science

Roman Lenz
Business Economics University St. Gallen

Innovation & Change Management

Dr. Piero Fontana

Klinische Ernährungsforschung

Dr. Verena Fontana

Longevity & Healthspan

Pd Dr. Med. Rainer Arendt

Healthspan Analysis

Daniel Vogel

Gründer & CEO
M.Sc Sports & Health Science
M.Sc in Marketing Science

Andrew Usov

Mitgründer & CTO
M.Sc in Math

Dimitry Poklonsky

Head Developer
M.Sc in Computerwissenschaften

Sergey Epifanov

QA, Web Designer
M.Sc in Math

Kirill Sheverdyaev

UX/UI Designer