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    Coach Management Features
For Coaches
For Clients
We help you to spare time,
become scalable
and make more money

Individual Coach Access

As an independant coach you want to become scalable and coach your clients most efficiently. Browse our plans to see which one fits best for you.

Team Coach Access

As a business you have a number of coaches to manage. You need a corresponding back-office to do so and make sure that the coaches can do their job in the most professional and efficient way.

Optimize Your Lifestyle Balance
By Self-Guidance or with Coach Support

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    Get your feel good weight
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    Get fitter & stronger
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    Get more energetic
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    Find your balance
  • Create personalized health action plans and goals with your health coach
  • Choose specific measures/steps for your action plans, as appointments, reminders etc.
  • Track your progress toward your goals
  • Update your health coach about your progress
  • Communicate securely with your health coach
  • Share your successes with your broader care team
  • Sync data from wearable devices and other mobile apps